The Workshop

Our logo is based on the local workshop appearance. Most of the local workshops in this country are under the tree and on natural soil, so we gave those workshops the name under the tree workshops. Our original idea was bringing the local way to an upgrade, we started the workshop as an under the tree workshop, and we did under the tree service for several vehicles, so we decided that the name should be “Under the Tree Service”.

The entrance bears our logo on the right side of the main gate, a good friend and artist gave hours of his life to create and donate to us the logo. We really appreciate his effort and keep it as our badge and pride.

The entrance to our school and office is marked with the name of our skill center, MEC-SAC (Mechanical Skills and Acquisition Center).

The fence was donated by a local sawmill, they were the first cut offs of logs. We as well thank them for the help and great donation, it helped us to create this beautiful fenced wall.

The black gravel and sand for the drive yard was donated by Mr. Chams from Construct, we as well thank him for his big help to us.

The Store

The store was built to gain space for other needed facilities in our training center, the information center was needed and the classroom had to be created, as well as the dressing room for the students. We hired local contractors to build the facility, the money for the project was paid by the founder Mr. Hantke, to start the skill center project.
He worked this time off shore as a ship engineer, on a treasure diving vessel.

The store was created in such a way, to make the access to tools easy and organized, so the elder students, whom are responsible to guide and train the younger ones, are able to keep track of the tools and materials.
Attached to the store is the working area, which is roofed to protect from the sun and rain.

Below the roof we made a pit, for easy access to work underneath the vehicles brought to us for maintenance. The pit was donated by Mr. Wendland and he has been helping MEC-SAC since the beginning with tools and construction materials. He is helping many Gambian children and young people to develop their future, as well as organizing money to pay for overseas treatment for children with health problems.

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